From the very first day I created Marva Atelier (yes, even back to when it was teeny-tiny and known as Vixen Atelier), I had a single goal set in mind. My pursuit to showcase the most elegant and unique handcrafted jewelry was born to celebrate the individuality of the modern woman. Becoming a jewelry designer at age 17 let me express my quirk for youthful ideas and designs portrayed throughout my debut collection Alchemy; a jewelry range of summery hues, femininity, and quirky detail for the unique woman. 

Marva Atelier celebrates the bold, the unique, and the fearless - adorning women for the everyday or special occasions in which they wish to shine. I believe that a woman embellished in jewels is always a fearless and confident one. As the designer in the indie jewelry label industry, it excites me to know that women around the world seek to wear fresh and quirky designs by young and rising designers. I am more than humbled to design pieces for women from near and afar, old and young, and everything in between. 

Celebrate individuality. Celebrate bold.


Yours truly,

Vanessa Martinez

Founder & Designer of Marva Atelier



**Marva Atelier does not own rights to thumbnail photo used for this blogpost.